Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy

Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy

Introduction :

Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is 42 years old Loksabha MP, elected from of state as a member of Party.

Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy was born to Late Shri Y.S. Rajsekhar Reddy & Smt. Vijaylakshmi and is married to Smt.Bharathi Reddy. He/She has 2 daughter(s)

Background information of Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy:

38-year-old Jagan is the son of former chief minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy. He is an entrepreneur and was working in the energy sector. However, after YSR became Chief Minister, his businesses grew from a mere Rs 40 crore to over Rs10,000 crore in less than five years. Currently, he runs a media house that includes a Telugu newspaper and news channel. Despite YSR’s death, he is still considered an influential and powerful politician in the State. He did not inherit the Chief Minister’s post of his father despite a strong campaign led by state MLAs. Jagan is the richest member of parliament in Loksabha as per official data. Jagan was arrested by the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) on 27th may 2012 over the charges of disproportionate assets.

Party Name
Assets ( In Rupees)More than 445 Crore(s)
Criminal Cases1
Permanent Address177/1 Kattiganahalli (V), Bangaluru,Main Road next to Brindavan College,Yelhanka, Bangaluru - 500 064, Karnataka
Delhi Address26, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi -110 003
Mobile9013180093, 09740002925
Phone080- 28478910
Fax080- 2847814
Email address
IPC Sections
2009Elected to 15th Lok Sabha
31 Aug 2009Member, Committee on Finance
29 Nov 2010Resigned from 15th Lok Sabha
13 June 2011Re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha in bye election
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  • shakeel

    welcome back sir ji………

    • dinakar reddy

      jiyo jagan jiyo

      • dinakar reddy

        iss aadmi me kuch to baat hai

        • dinakar reddy

          gods gifted birth …………

          • dinakar reddy

            yee aadmi andhra ka roop badal dega
            yes he’ll change andhras fate

  • Ashok

    We would like to see Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy as the CM of AP in the near future to fullfill the task of CM – Late Shri Y.S. Rajsekhar Reddy- “The lion and the dynamic leader of Andhra Pradesh”.
    Voice from the people of Andhra Pradesh, settled in Kerala.

    • dinakar reddy

      rajuvu neeve maharajuvu neevee jagan anna rajanna putrudAAAAAAAAA

  • Ashok

    We, the people of Andhra Pradesh salute and welcome H.E. Y. S. Jagan Mohan Reddy for his sucess.

    • dinakar reddy

      i support, dinakar reddy from kollipara guntur dist my no 9613241542

  • naveen

    we raol the ap….

  • papaganti vinil

    this is vinil 9059431135


    i pray to god to come as chief minister

  • India Against Caste


    • Real Indian

      Not few brain washed people, but people of entire AP believe that Jagan is innocent. That is why they support him. One day, Jagan will CM of AP.

      • https://sites.google.com/site/psrtake/ Shashank Reddy

        I am also from AP and I don’t believe he is innocent. Don’t include the whole AP in your corruption bandwagon.

        He is and will be the one of the most corrupt Politicians in the history of contemporary India.

  • sai

    has an Indian we sham about u r corruption ,is in’t to you

  • Varma

    Dinakar Reddy .. Yes Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy will change andhra’s fate by looting people. A unique creature who will produce corrupt political team.

    • RS Mehta

      Hello let us speak some thing worth while and good for nation

  • Angry Indian

    10K Crore+ assets? The govt should charge him 100Crore as tax every year!

    • Real Indian

      Saale, tum 10K kmavoge to 10k tax bharoge. Jagan has paid 85 crore as tax on his profits by selling his cement factory.

      • Ravi Teja


  • Raghavendra

    Sir we r all ways with u dont worry

  • rafee

    he was real dynamic and dare young leadar of andhra pradesh,must up coming chief minister of andhra pradesh,

  • raguri balaji

    446crores how u can do like that bussiness pls tell me also with in 3years u pick up 446cr in white money only then what about black money ur affidavit is in 2009 only below 1cr only k hw many lac crores u pick up peoples of andhra pradesh pls dont encourage ys jagan k he is dangeoroiss man in im politics and out politics k

  • nd

    Jagan anna..
    Ela unnavu?dont worry.. we are all with you..

  • phani

    jai jagan

    • Ravi Teja

      fuck jagan



  • jagan

    you idiot

  • k gnaneshwarreddy. gangapur

    Jaganna ela unnavu dont worry

  • http://www.facebook.com/somesh.katiri Venky Sairi

    jagan anna dont woorry nenu vwnky ni evadu ayina addu vaste cheppu chilustha

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    • Ravi Teja

      endhayya nee bhada?

  • Balakrishna

    Jai Jagan. Some ‘dogs’ have written some comments against Jagan below. But one day, he will emerge as Mr. Clean and become the Best CM of AP.

    • Ravi Teja

      clean?? by distributing money to all of you in AP? lol :D

  • yuvaraj

    dear sir

    iam yuvaraj from kanchipuram

    if u have faith in god come to kanchipuram worship lord shiva named vazhakutheswar koil the cases will in favour as quick as possible mob 9842558899

  • Natarajan

    Dear Jagan, you seem to be the only ‘ray of hope’ for A.P in future and pray god for your success. Further, let me take this liberty to put forward to you some excellent and beneficial ideas that would help YSRCP for outright success without any much scope to spend money. Many of issues that are mostly disgusting are solved and attended to will do a world of good and free and worthwhile publicity.

    I would like to meet you or your most trusted confident in sharing the ideas and working towards achieving it.

    Regards, Natarajan

  • nagarjuna

    anna na paru nagarjuna anna meru appudu bhayata ki vestaru anna meru congress lo kallavadu anna pls mana otariga paradutham anna anna meru ma next cm anna raja anna lani lotu nauv thachalli anna na ph no anna 7793933679 anna naku sabhathama kavali anna jahara ysr jai jagan anna

    • Ravi Teja

      noru muy ra yedhava!

  • nagarjuna

    sory anna aala unauv take care anna have nace day

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  • harika

    Respected sir,
    Am a student studying in kurnool. I want to enter in politics to serve my country and my people and am ready to do anything. As a student, as a citizen I want to do it. Hope I’ll get a reply from u.

  • junu

    Sir, i am from kerala, i am a big fan of you, i would like to start ysrcp here too in kerala, provide me your direct mobile phone number that i can contact you
    my number is 00919567827020


    Hello Jagan sir i am from dkd i what to join your party my phone number 9966755756