Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh

Introduction :

Jaswant Singh is 79 years old Loksabha MP, elected from of state as a member of Party. Jaswant Singh was born to Late Shri Thakur Sardar Singhji & Late Smt. Kunwar Baisa and is married to Smt. Sheetal Kumari. He/She has 2 son(s)

Background information of Jaswant Singh:

An army major, Jaswant is among few non RSS leaders who reached to the top in the BJP. He became a party member, soon after BJP was founded and was elected to Rajya Sabha in 1980. In fact, during the BJP-led NDA rule, Jaswant held defence, external affairs and finance portfolios before falling out the parent organisaton over favourable portrayal of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan in his book on the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. He enjoys clean image. Jaswant’s son Manvendra is a journalist turned politician.

More information
Commissioned to the Central India Horse in 1957
resigned Commission to join politics
Chaired several Task Forces to recommend policy to the Government amongst others on (i) Telecommunications, (ii) Information Technology, and (iii) Energy
was member of Group of Ministries on (a) Reforming the National Security System (b) Hydrocarbon Vision 2025
Party Name
Assets ( In Rupees)More than 8 Crore(s)
Permanent AddressVillage - Temawas, Gram Panchayat, Mewanagar,Tehsil - Pachpadra, Jasol, Distt. - Barmer,Rajasthan
Delhi Address15, Teen Murti Lane, , New Delhi - 110 001
Email address
1980Elected to Rajya Sabha
1986Re-elected to Rajya Sabha (2nd term)
1986-1989Member, Public Accounts Committee, Rajya Sabha;Member, Committee on Previleges, Rajya Sabha
;Member, Commitee on Public Undertakings, Rajya Sabha
1987Member, Consultative Committee constituted under the Punjab State
1989-1991Legislature (Delegation of Powers) Act, 1987
1990Elected to 9th Lok Sabha
1991-1996Chairman, Estimate Committee
1991Re-elected to 10th Lok Sabha (2nd term);Chairman, Committee on Environment and Forests
1992Member, Joint Parliamentary Committee to enquire into Irregularities in Securities and Banking Transactions
1993Chairman, Committee on Energy
1996-97Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
May 1996Union Cabinet Minister, Finance
25 Mar. 1998-4 Feb. 1999Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission
Jul. 1998Re-elected to Rajya Sabha (3rd term)
Dec. 1998-1 Jul. 2002Union Cabinet Minister, External Affairs
Feb-Oct. 1999Union Cabinet Minister, Electronics (Simultaneous charge)
6 Aug.-13 Oct. 1999Union Cabinet Minister, Surface Transport (Simultaneous charge)
15 Oct. 1999Re-elected to Rajya Sabha (4th term)
18 March-15 Oct. 2001Union Cabinet Minister, Defence (Simultaneous charges)
1 Jul. 2002-9 Apr. 2003Minister of Finance & Company Affairs, Govt. of India
10 April 2002-21 May 2004Union Cabinet Minister, Finance
2004Re-elected to Rajya Sabha (5th term);Leader of Opposition, Rajya Sabha
Aug. 2004-Aug. 2006Member, Committee on Science and Technology, Environment and Forests
Aug. 2004-May 2009Member, Joint Parliamentary Committee on the Installation of Portraits/Stautes of National Leaders and Parliamentarians in Parliament House Complex
Aug 2005 Member, General Purposes Committee
2009Re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha (4th term)
6 Aug. 2009 - 31 Dec. 2009Chairman, Committee on Public Accounts
1 Jan. 2010Member, Committee on Public Accounts
10 Sep. 2009Member, Committee on Budget
Has contributed widely to Indian and foreign magazines, newspapers and journals on international affairs, security and development issues, Has written the following books: (i) National Security- An outline of our Concerns
(ii) Shauryam Tejo (in Hindi)
(iii) Defending India
(iv) District Diary
(v) Khankhanama - A biography of Bairam Khan( in Hindi)
(vi) Defendre l"inde (in French)
(vii) A call to Honour: In Service of Emergent India
(viii) Travels in Transoxiana
(ix) Victoria Cross- Till Memory Serves
(x) Conflict & Diplomacy
(xi) Ayodhya - Our Republic Post 6 December 1992: A Dialogue
(xii) Jinnah: India - Partition - Independence.
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