Dr.Girija Vyas

Dr.Girija Vyas

Introduction :

Dr.Girija Vyas is 78 years old Loksabha MP, elected from of state as a member of Party. Dr.Girija Vyas was born to Shri Krishna Sharma & Smt. Jamuna Devi Vyas

Background information of Dr.Girija Vyas:

Social activist and long-time Congress member. She was implicated in the Petrol Pump allotment scam as a beneficiary. The Indian Express, on October 24, 2004, in an article titled “Why Congress’s top spokesperson may not like to raise the BJP’s petrol pump scam”, reported that a two-judge panel told Supreme Court that her petrol pump allotment be cancelled.

More information
Represented India: (i) 5th Asian Women Parliamentarians and Ministers Conference at Beijing, China, November, 2007
(ii) Regional Policy Dialogue Org., Asian Pacific resource and research Centre for Women (ARROW) to address the Women empowerment and upliftment issues in Bangkok,Thailand, May, 2006
(iii) 49th and 50th Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York, March,2005 and 2006
and (iv) Beijing Plus Ten-5th South Asia reginal Conference organised by the UNIFEM, Islamabad, Pakistan
Attended (i)10th Indo-European Union Round Table meeting organised by Ministry of External Affairs (Govt. of India), Vienna, June 2006
and (ii)United Nation General Assembly meeting, New York, October, 2009 Academic activities: Head, Department of Philosophy
Associate Professor, Univeristy of Udaipur
Professor,Univeristy of Udaipur
Taught (i)University of Deleware, USA, 1989-90
and (ii) Summer in Spain -1980
Paper selected and read in the Canada International Neoplatonic Society, October, 1977
All India UGC Fellowship 1967-69
Awarded Gold Medal for securing Ist position in (i) M.Phil in the University, 1967 (ii) M.Phil in all faculties
and (iii) Faculty of Humanities respectively. Ph.D in Philosophy (Dissertation on a Comparative Study of Ethical Teachings in Gita and Bible(1973)). Received Post Doctoral Fellowship at University of Deleware, US from 1979-80
Party Name
Assets ( In Rupees) More than 87 Lac(s)
Profession ,
Criminal Cases 1
Education doctorate
Permanent Address 21-H, Daitya Nagri,,Udaipur,Rajasthan
Delhi Address AB-96, Shahjahan Road,, New Delhi - 110 003
Mobile 9414055540
Phone 011-23386483, 011-23782364,0294-2525356
Email address
IPC Sections
1977-84 President, District Congress Committee [D.C.C. (I)], Udaipur
1985-90 Member, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
1986-90 Minister of State, Tourism, PWD, Child & Nutrition, Public Relations, Education, Parliamentary Affairs, Finance and Taxation, Science & Technology, Technical Education, Dairy and Animal Husbandry etc. ,Govt. of Rajasthan, ;Member, Estimates Committee, Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
1989 Executive Member, Pradesh Congress Committee [P.C.C. (I)], Rajasthan
1990 - onwards Member, All India Congress Committee (A.I.C.C.)
Jun. 1990-93 President, Pradesh Mahila Congress, Rajasthan
1991 Elected to 10th Lok Sabha
Jun. 1991 to Jan. 1993 Union Deputy Minister, Information and Broadcasting
1993-96 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
1993 onwards President, All India Mahila Congress
1996 Re-elected to 11th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
1996 Member, Committee on Raj Bhasha ;Member, Committee on Empowerment of Women
;Member, Standing Committee on Petroleum;Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Home Affairs
1999 Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
1999-2004 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Petroleum and Chemicals
2000-2004 Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas ;President, Pradesh Congress Committee (P.C.C.), Rajasthan
2005-08, 2008-11 Chairperson, National Commission for Women
2009 Re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha (4th term)
29 Jun. 2009 Member, Business Advisory Committee
Jun. 2009 Member, Panel of Chairmen
31 Aug. 2009 Member, Committee on Railways;Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Health
23 Sep. 2009 Member, Committee of Privileges;Member, National Integration Council
19 Oct. 2009 Member, General Purpose Committee
15 Mar. 2010 Member, Railway Convention Committee
(i) "Ethical Teachings of Bhagwat Gita and Bible", (ii) "Philosophy of Shuddadvaita"
(iii) "Seep, Samunder aur Moti" (in Hindi and Urdu)
(iv) "Nostalgia"-English poems
(v) "Grace and Salvation in major religions"
and (vi) "Ahsas"-Urdu Poetry
(vii) "Shuddadvaita and Christianity-A comprehensive study"
and (viii) Philosophy of Indian Democracy
PUBLICATIONS:- (i) Gandhi and the World of tomorrow-published by Gandhi Peace Foundation , 1969(ii) Self Identity in Indian Philosophy - published by Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad, 1970 (iii) Metaphysics of Plotinus and Ramanuja - A comparative study published by International Neoplatonic Society, Canada, 1976 (iv)The significant of Bahaism in modern times-published by Bahai Centre, New Delhi, 1977 (v) The Role of Hindu Women published by Hindu Visva, USA, 1979(vi)The Philosophy of Indian Democracy - published by Indian News, Washington, USA (vii) Indo-China Relationship - some Philosophical Questions - paper published and presented at the Conference of Asian Studies, USA (vii) Kammudra to Mahamudra-published by Darshan International India (viii)The Concept of Grace-published in Darshnik Tremasic (ix) Shuddhadavaita-The Theory of Knowledge - published by Daarshnik (x) Buddhist-Tantra-published by Darshan International (xi) Indian Politics and Muslims- published by Islamic Centre, New Delhi (xii) Comparative Humanism of Faquir Baba in the context of Humanistic Philosophy of our times-published by Faquir Trust and Darshan International.
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