Dr. Najma A. Heptulla

Dr. Najma A. Heptulla

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Dr. Najma A. Heptulla is 83 years old elected from as Rajyasabha member. He is a member of .

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Got first division and stood first in the University in M.Sc. (Zoology), 1960
Ph.D. (Cardiac Anatomy), 1962
awarded Junior Fellowship and Senior Fellowship of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (C.S.I.R.) for 5 years
served in the scientists' pool of the Government of India Academic affiliations: Advisor, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Harvard, 1992-96
Vice-President, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute for Asian Studies, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India
Founder Chairperson, Centre for Asian Studies, 1993
Fellow, (i) Academy of Zoology, India and (ii) Zoological Society, London
served as a Professor of Zoology
Member, (i) Indian Science Congress for the last 23 years, (ii) Aligarh Muslim University Court and (iii) Jawaharlal Nehru University Court Parliamentary offices held : International - Vice-Chairperson, Executive Committee, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 1987 (the first woman ever to hold the office)
President, (i)Women's Group of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 1990 and (ii) Inter-Parliamentary Council, I.P.U., 16 October 1999- 27 September 2002 (the first woman President of the I.P.U. Council)
Founder President, Parliamentarians' Forum for Human Development under the aegis of U.N.D.P. since August 1993
Coordinator, Women Parliamentarians' Group, I.P.U. since 1993
Chairperson, (i) Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, I.P.U. and (ii) Committee on Environment, I.P.U., 1994
Member, (i) Executive Committee, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 1985-88, (ii) Sub-Committee on Staff and Accommodation, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 1987, (iii) Environment Committee, now Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development of the I.P.U., 1990-95, (iv) Standing Committee of the Presiding Officers of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and (v) Executive Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, 1995-99 Other important offices held : President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Vice-President, Indian Parliamentary Group
Chairperson, (i) Monitoring Committee, Central Wakf Council since 1988, (ii) Steering Committee of Specialised Conference of the I.P.U. on "Towards Partnership between Men and Women in Politics" in New Delhi, 1997
Vice-Chairperson, Standing Committee of the Conferences of Presiding Officers and Secretaries of Legislative Bodies in India
Distinguished Ambassador of Human Development nominated by the U.N.D.P.
Member, (i) National Integration Council, Government of India, (ii) Central Wakf Council, Ministry of Welfare since 1988, (iii) All India Haj Advisory Board, (iv) General Body and Executive Committee of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (I.C.C.R.) and (v) National Commission on Population Social organisations : Founder, Maulana Azad Multi purpose Higher Secondary School, 1962
Patron, Indo-Turkish Cultural Association
Founder President, Azad Foundation for Research and Development
President, (i) Institute of Directors, the apex voluntary organisation for Total Quality Management and I.S.O.-9000 Series Certification, (ii) Rasaja Foundation, a voluntary organisation for the promotion of the Art of Modern India, (iii) Indo-Arab Society, (iv) Indian Scouts and Guides Fellowship, (v) Indian Council for Social Marketing and (vi) Maharashtra Parent-Teachers' Association
Director, Bandra People's Cooperative Bank
Treasurer, Society of Latin America
Member, (i) Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Trust, (ii) Board of Trustees, India Islamic Cultural Centre, (iii) Society for Communal Harmony and (iv) Bombay City Social Education Committee Women's issues: Member, (i) National Committee for International Women's Year, 1975, (ii) National Committee for Women, 1989, (iii) Maharashtra State Government Committee for the implementation of the National Plan of Action for Women and (iv) Maharashtra State Government Committee for the Status of Women
President, Indian Housewives Federation since 1985
organised several national level meets for identification and redressal of women's problems and over hundred seminars on the status of women in India Parliamentary and other delegations: As special envoy of the Prime Minister, visited (i) Saudi Arabia, 1989,1990 and 1991, (ii) Iraq, 1990, (iii) Kuwait, 1990, (iv) Jordan, 1990, (v) U.A.E., 1990 and (vi) Fiji (to attend the funeral of President Dr. Timoci Bavadra), 1989
led, (i) Goodwill Delegation to Iraq, 2001, (ii) National Delegation to Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Kuwait, 2002 to apprise the leadership of these countries about India's viewpoint on international terrorism and (iii) Indian delegation to the Third Summit of the First Ladies of Regional Steering Committee - Asia Pacific region on the Advancement of Rural and Island Women, Islamabad, February, 2004 Inter-Parliamentary Union : Leader of the Delegation to the I.P.U. Conferences held at (i) Nicosia, 1990, (ii) Copenhagen, 1994, (iii) Madrid, 1995 (Women Parliamentarians, Meet), (iv) Istanbul, 1996 and (v) Cairo, 1997
Member of the Delegation to the I.P.U. Conferences held at (i) Punta del Este, 1990, (ii) Santiago, 1991, (iii) Bangkok (Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Economic Cooperation), 1991, (iv) New Delhi, 1993, (v) Paris, 1994, (vi) Bucharest, 1995 and (vii) Beijing, 1996
attended, (i) Special Session of the I.P.U. on the occasion of the U.N. Population Summit, Cairo, 1994, (ii) Special Session of the I.P.U. on the occasion of the U.N. Social Summit, Copenhagen, 1995, (iii) Special Session of the I.P.U. on the occasion of 50 years of the U.N., New York, August, 1995, (iv) Special Session of the I.P.U. on the occasion of Fourth World Women Conference, Beijing, 1995 and (v) The 100th I.P.U. Conference, Moscow, 1998, (vi) IPU-UNAIDS Working Group of Presiding Officers, Geneva, 1999 and (vii) IPU Conference, Brussels, 1999
presided over, (i) CPA Women Parliamentarians' Conference, New Delhi, 1991, (ii) Women Parliamentarians' Conference, I.P.U., New Delhi, 1993, (iii) the Special Session of the I.P.U. on the occasion of the U.N.General Assembly, New York, 1999, (iv) the Meeting of the Asia-Pacific regional group of the I.P.U., Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), 1999, (v) the Joint IPU-UNCTAD X Parliamentarians Meeting, Bangkok, 2000, (vi) the 3rd Prepcom of the Presiding Officers' Conference of the I.P.U., Geneva, 2000, (vii) the I.P.U. Council at the 102nd Conference, Berlin, 2000, (viii) the I.P.U. Council at the 103rd Conference, Amman, 2000, (ix) the I.P.U. Council at the 104th Conference, Jakarta, 2000, (x) the I.P.U. Council at the 105th Conference, Havana, Cuba, 2001, (xi) the Parliamentary Meeting on International Trade convened jointly by the I.P.U. and the W.T.O., Geneva, 2001, (xii) the I.P.U. Council at the 106th Conference, Ouagadougou, 2001 and (xiii) the I.P.U. Council at the 107th Conference, Morocco, 2002
Member, I.P.U.-UNAIDS Working group on drafting of Handbook on AIDS Prevention for Legislatures, "Focal Point" of the I.P.U. for the questions relating to the status of women
Seminar on Gender Budgeting at Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2003 Commonwealth Parliamentary Association: Delegate, Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences held at (i) Saskatchewan (Canada) (Executive Committee Meeting), 1985, (ii) Nicosia (Executive Committee Meeting), 1985, (iii) London (Executive Committee Meeting), 1985, (iv) London (Annual Conference), 1986, (v) Regina, Canada (Plenary Meeting), 1986, (vi) Jersey Island (Executive Committee Meeting), 1986, (vii) Kuala Lumpur (Executive Committee Meetings), 1987, (viii) Port of Spain (Executive Committee Meeting), 1988, (ix) Canberra (Executive Committee Meeting and Annual Conference), 1989, (x) Tasmania (Executive Committee Meeting), 1989, (xi) Harare, 1990 and (xii) New Delhi, 1991
attended, Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers' Conference, Canberra, 2000 United Nations : Member of the Indian delegation to attend (i) the United Nations General Assembly Annual Session, New York, 1996 and (ii) 50th Anniversary of the U.N. , New York, 1995
Delegate (i) General Assembly and Special Political Committee, 1983, (ii) Special Session of the U.N., Geneva, 1988, (iii) General Assembly and First Political Committee, New York, 1989, (iv) General Assembly and Economic Committee, New York, 1992
invitee, (i) Special U.N. invitee from Asia-Pacific Region to attend Nordic Women Parliamentarians Meet on Population, 1994, (ii) U.N.D.P. invitee to the global release of Human Development Report, Tokyo, 1996, and (iii) U.N.D.P. invitee to attend the special conference on "Women in Decision Making" at Columbia University, U.S., 1996
led the Indian delegation to the U.N. Commission on Status of Women, 1997
attended, 1st Prepcom Conference on the U.N. Millennium Conference, Vienna, 1999
presided over, (i) the Conference of Presiding Officers of National Parliaments on the occasion of the Millennium Session of the U.N., New York, 2000 and (iii) tripartite consultations on the occasion of 'Beijing + 5' Special Session of the U.N.G.A., New York, 2000
Chaired, the Parliamentarians' Forum on Children on the occasion of the Special Session of the U.N.G.A. on Children, New York, 2002
Member, Coordination Committee of the Presiding Officers' Conference coinciding with the U.N.G.A. Session for Millennium 2000 Participation in conferences, delegations, etc. in other countries : Presided over the Parliamentary Meeting on the occasion of the 2nd Global Forum for Fighting Corruption and Safeguarding Integrity, The Hague, May, 2001
Led the delegation (i) Fellowship of former Scouts and Guides, Yogyakarta (Indonesia), 1993, (ii) representing the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to the Seminar on Strategic Environment and Disarmament, Moscow, 1993, (iii) sponsored by Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation (M.M.T.C.) to the Jewellery Exhibition, Singapore, 1994 and (iv) to the Specialised Conference on Food Security organized by IPU-FAO, Rome, 1998
Member, Parliamentary Delegation, Sophia, 1993
Delegate to, (i) the Asia-Pacific Conference on Women, Islamabad, 1984, (ii) the Indian National Congress to attend the 27th C.P.S.U. Meeting, Moscow, 1986, (iii) attend the fourth Ruling National Party Conference on behalf of the Indian National Congress, Cairo, 1986, (iv) the inauguration of Science and Technology Exhibition as part of Indian festivals in U.S.S.R., Moscow, 1987, (v) attend the celebration of the 75th year of the establishment of Parliament of Turkey, Ankara, 1995 and (vi) to inaugurate India-Expo (sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and External Affairs), Morocco, 1996
visiting faculty, (i) Harvard University, Boston, 1984,1992 and 1993, (ii) Woodrow Wilson Centre, Washington, D.C., 1993, (iii) Brookings Institute, Washington, D.C., 1993, and (iv) Carnegie Foundation, Washington, D.C., 1993
Special invitee, World Women's Forum, Harvard, 1997
attended, (i) Science and Technology Meeting, U.S.A. and Japan, 1985, (ii) Women's Meet, Tashkent, 1989, (iii) the seminar on Contribution of Islam to Civilisation and honoured by President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, as one of the fifteen selected intellectuals of the world, Alexandria, 1993, (iv) Advisory Board Meeting of Centre for Middle-Eastern Studies, University of Harvard, Istanbul, 1994, (v) the first summit meeting of the Council of World Women Leaders, University of Harvard, Istanbul, 1994, (vi) Standing Committee of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers Conference, Cape Town, 1997, (vii) 18th General Assembly of the Latin American Parliaments, Sao Paolo, 2000, (viii) the Conference of the Senates of World, Paris, 2000, (ix) the Conference of the Speakers of the Euro-Mediterranean countries, Alexandria, 2000, (x) Conference on 'Parliament and the Media: Building an Effective Relationship', New Delhi, 2000 and (xi) 8th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarians Conference on 'Environment and Development', Hyderabad, 2000
visited, (i) Kuala Lumpur, on the invitation of the Speaker of the Senate, 1989, (ii) Ankara, on the invitation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, 1994, (iii) Beijing, at the invitation of the Speaker of the National People's Congress, 2000, (iv) Palestine National Authority, to address the Joint Session of the PNC and the PLC, 2000, (v) Israel, to address the Special Session of the Knesset, 2000 and (vi) Berlin, Germany as the President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (I.C.C.R.) for the inauguration of the Asia-Pacific Week, 2003
Father's Name Syed Yousuf Ali
Mother's Name Shrimati Fatima Yusuf Ali
Assets More than 4 Crore(s)
Profession ,
Education M.Sc.(Zoology), Ph.D. (Cardiac Anatomy) Educated at Motilal Nehru Vigyan Mahavidyalaya
Permanent Address 16, Teen Murti Lane, Delhi.
Communication Address 16, Teen Murti Lane, Delhi. 110011
Telephone : 23016391, 23016436
Email address

Minister for Minority Affairs

Published several research papers in foreign and Indian journals. Contributed to many Indian and foreign magazines on issues relating to women and social development. Member of the Advisory Committee and Editorial Board of 'The Indian Journal of Zoology' and 'Journal of Anatomy'. Editor and Publisher of the quarterly magazine 'Dialogue Today' since 1986. Author of the books, (i) 'India's Progress in Science and Technology - Continuity and Change', 1985, (ii) 'Indo-West Asian Relations - The Nehru Era', 1992, (iii) 'Reforms for Women - Future Options', 1992, (iv) 'Environment Protection in Developing Countries', 1993, (v) 'Human Social Security and Sustainable Development', 1995 (vi) 'A.I.D.S. - Approaches to Prevention', 1996 and (vii) Democracy - The Global Perspective, 2004
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