Nand Kumar Sai

Nand Kumar Sai

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Nand Kumar Sai is 74 years old elected from as Rajyasabha member. He is a member of .

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Since student life, deeply moved by the economic plight of Adivasies due to the consumption of liquor and dissuaded them from consumption of liquor
he even went to the extent of giving up the consumption of salt in his food since 1970 to dissuade them from consumption of liquor
President, (i) N.E.S. College Student's Union, 1972-73, (ii) B.J.P., District Raigarh, 1980-82, (iii) B.J.P., Madhya Pradesh, 1989 and (iv) B.J.P., Chattisgarh, 2003-04
General Secretary, B.J.P., Madhya Pradesh, 1986-88
Executive Member, B.J.P., Madhya Pradesh since 1988
Member, (i) National Council of B.J.P., 1989-91 and (ii) National Executive, B.J.P.
Father's NameShri Likhan Sai
Mother's NameShrimati Rupini Devi
Party Name
AssetsMore than 2 Crore(s)
EducationM.A.(Political Science) Educated at N.E.S. College (formerly Ravishankar University), Jashpur Nagar, Distt. Raigarh (Madhya Pradesh)
Permanent AddressVill & Post- Bhagora, Tehsil - Pharasbahar, Distt - Jashpur, Chhattisgarh
Telephone : {0771}2880888, {07761} 200614, Mobile: 09425270444
Communication Address176, South Avenue, New Delhi - 110011
Telephone : 23011900, Mobile: 9868181905
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