Rama Chandra Khuntia

Rama Chandra Khuntia

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Rama Chandra Khuntia is 67 years old elected from as Rajyasabha member. He is a member of .

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Launched, (i) movement for bringing about comprehensive legislation for building construction workers, (ii) massive compaign at the State and National level for comprehensive labour legislation for unorganised agricultural and other workers who are not covered under any social security laws
President, (i) V.N.College, Jajpur Road, Orissa, (ii) P.K. Mahavidyalaya, Baitarani Road, (iii) Indira Gandhi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jajpur Road, Orissa, (iv) Aanchalika Mahavidyalaya, Nathasahi, Jajpur, (v) Kanhu Charan Mahavidyalaya, Korai, Orissa, (vi) Bapuji Mahavidyalaya, Pachhikote, Orissa, (vii) Kanhu Charan Bidyamandir, Begana, Orissa, (viii) P.K.Mishra Ucha Bidyapitha, Tulasipur, Orissa, (ix) Panchayat High School, Biruhan, (x) Aanchalika Ucha Bidyapitha, Dhaneswar, Orissa, (xi) Industrial and Mine Workers Education and Training Centre, Bhubaneswar and (xii) G.R.Institute of Human Resource Development (G.R.I.H.R.D.)
Chairman, (i) Reception Committee, 25th National Convention of I.N.T.U.C. held at Cuttack in May, 1993, (which was attended by thousands of delegates and guests from India and abroad) and (ii) State Contract Labour Advisory Committee
General Secretary, Indian National Building Construction, Forest and Wood Workers Federation (I.N.B.C.W.F.) since 1991
Member, (i) State Labour Advisory Board, (ii) Equal Remuneration Advisory Board, (iii) Contract Labour Advisory Board, (iv) Minimum Wages Advisory Board, (v) E.S.I. Corporation since 1990, (vi) International Executive Board, International Federation of Building and Wood Workers (I.F.B.W.W.), Geneva, Switzerland (elected in the World Congress of I.F.B.W.W. held at Zimbabwe, Harare) and (vii) I.L.O./W.H.O. Joint Committee on Occupational Health
Titular Member, International Federation of Building and Wood Workers Asia Pacific Regional Committee since 1993
Delegate, (i) Special Tripartite Committee on Labour, Government of India and (ii) Indian Labour Conference, 1993-97
participated in, (i) International Labour Conference, 1997, (ii) I.L.O. Special Tripartite Meeting on Construction Workers at ILO Office, Geneva, 2001 and (iii) Closing Ceremony of 'Global March Against Child Labour', Geneva, 30 May 1998, (iv) World Economic Forum, China, 1999, (v) World Economic Forum Indian Summit, India and (vi) World Congress of BWI, France, 1999
associated with various educational institutes and labour welfare bodies
Father's NameLt. Kanhu Charan Khuntia
Mother's NameShrimati Indumati Khuntia
AssetsMore than 62 Lac(s)
EducationGraduate in Law, M.B.A. Educated at Utkal University and Sikkim Manipal University
Permanent AddressAt Begana, P.O.- Dhaneswar via Korai,Distt.- Jajpur (Orissa)
Telephone : {06726} 265013, 265150, Mobile: 09437029595
Communication Address26, Dr. R.P. Raod, New Delhi - 110001
Telephone : 23782999, 23386999, Mobile: 9868103999
Email address
Translated 'The Honey Bee' by Shri G.Ramanujam, Former Governor of Orissa into Oriya under the title Mahumacchi, 1997
'The Management Ring Side View' by Shri G.Ramanujam was also translated into Oriya under the title Shramika Drustire Malika, 1998

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