Anand Sharma

Anand Sharma

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Anand Sharma is 71 years old elected from as Rajyasabha member. He is a member of .

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Chairman, (i) First Non-Aligned Youth Conference, Delhi, 19-21 November 1985, (ii) National Preparatory Committee for XII World Youth and Students Festival, 1985, (iii) International Youth Conference Against Apartheid, Delhi, 8-9 January 1987, (iv) World Youth Action Against Apartheid, 1987-1994, (v) National Preparatory Committee for ?Nelson Mandela-Freedom at 70? Campaign, 1988, (vi) Indian Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1989-1994 and (vii) Indo-South Africa Friendship Association since 1994
President, (i) Students Union, R.P.C.S.D.B. College, Shimla, 1972, (ii) Himachal Pradesh Youth Congress, 1977-1981, (iii) Indian Youth Congress, 1985-1987 and (iv) Himachal Pradesh Amateur Athletic Association, 1988-1993
Secretary, (i) Himachal Pradesh University Students? Council, 1973, (ii) National Students Union of India, 1975-1978 and (iii) Indian Youth Congress, 1981-1984
Spokesperson, Indian National Congress, 1989 and April 2000 - 2006
Member, (i) All India Congress Committee, (ii) Himachal Pradesh University, Senate, 1973-1976, (iii) Himachal Pradesh Congress Executive since 1975, (iv) Himachal Pradesh University Executive Council, 1984-1988, (v) Sports Authority of India since 1985, (vi) National Youth Advisory Board since 1986, (vii) Indian Delegation to UN General Assembly Session, 1988 and 2004, (viii) Indian Delegation to Special UN Session on Palestine at Geneva, 1988, (ix) Indian Government Delegation to Afghanistan, 1988-89, (x) Commonwealth Observer Group to Namibia, 1989, (xi) Indian National Congress delegation to meet Mr. Nelson Mandela, 1990, (xii) Indian delegation to ANC Conference, Durban, South Africa, 1991, (xiii) Commonwealth Observer Mission to South Africa, 1992, (xiv) Indian Government Delegation to South Africa, 1993, (xv) Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, 1995, (xvi) Synergy Group of Education, 1995, (xvii) Indian National Sub Commission for UNESCO, 1995-1997, (xviii) Indian National Congress delegation to South Africa, 1998, (xix) Governing Body, Action for Autism, New Delhi since 2000, (xx) National Committee of United Nations World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, 2001, (xxi) Indian National Congress Delegation to UK, 2001 and (xxii) Indian National Congress Delegation to the Labour Party Meeting at Bournemouth, U.K.
Visiting Faculty Member, (i) School of International Studies, Harvard University, 1988 and (ii) School of Asian Studies, Columbia University, New York, 1988
attended/organized conference/meeting, (i) XII Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, Hungary, 1986, (ii) International Conference of the ANC at Arusha, Tanzania, 1987, (iii) International Conference on Children, Repression and the Law in Apartheid South Africa, Harare Session, 1987, (iv) International Conference on Namibia at Melbourne, 1989, (v) VIII E.N.D. Convention on ?Disarmament and Developments? at Gastiez, Spain, 1989, (vi) IV International Conference Against Apartheid Sport at Stockholm, 1990, (vii) ANC Conference Durban, South Africa, 1991, (viii) International Conference on Southern Africa at London, June 1993, (ix) 28th General Conference of UNESCO, Paris, November, 1995, (x) International Seminar of the political parties from the developing countries held in Beijing, May 2001, (xi) Labour Party Meeting at Bournemouth, U.K., 2003, (xii) India-EU summit in Helsinki, October 2006, (xiii) Proactively associated with the convening of the International Conference to commemorate the Centenary of Satyagraha, New Delhi, 29-30 January 2007, and was the Secretary-General of the Conference, which was attended by 122 leadership delegations from 91 countries
In pursuance of the Conference declaration, moved India's Resolution, co-sponsored by 142 member-states, at the UN General Assembly on 15 June 2007, to observe Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on 2 October as the International Day of Non-Violence. The resolution was adopted unanimously by the UNGA, (xiv) Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM) Summit, Kampala, Uganda, November 2007 and (xv) India-Africa Forum Summit, April 2008
leader of Indian delegation to, (i) U.S.S.R. and G.D.R., 1982, (ii) Hungary, 1983, (iii) Algeria and G.D.R., 1985, (iv) XIIth World Youth Festival, Moscow, (v) Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, 1986 and (vi) Angola, 1989
Special Envoy of Prime Minister to, (i) Algeria, Sahara, Tunisia and Palestine, 1988 and (ii) South Africa, 1992
Commonwealth Secretary-General?s Observer for South African Transition Process and Elections, 1994
well conversant with parliamentary and legislative procedure, and international law
considerable experience in handling media matters
nominated to represent Government of India and the Indian National Congress at the Centenary Celebrations of African National Congress held at Bloemfontein, Johannesburg in January 2012
Father's Name Late Shri P.A. Sharma
Mother's Name Shrimati Prabha Rani Sharma
Party Name
Assets More than 3 Crore(s)
Education B.A., LL.B. Educated at R.P.C.S.D.B. College, Shimla and Faculty of Law, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla
Permanent Address Prabhat Lodge, (Anand Bhawan), Kelston, Shimla - 171001
Telephone : {0177}2653365
Communication Address 28, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110003
Telephone : 24634755, 24643663 (O), Fax: 24634756, Mobile: 9868181147
Email address

Elected to Rajya Sabha

April 1984

Member, Committee on Petitions


Rajya Sabha Member, Joint Parliamentary Committee on Lok Pal Bill


Nominated to the Panel of Vice-Chairmen, Rajya Sabha


Member, Committee on Government Assurances Member, Press Council of India


Elected to Rajya Sabha

April 2004

Member, Committee on Defence Member, Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament

Aug. 2004 - Jan. 2006

Member, Business Advisory Committee

Aug. 2004 - July 2006

Minister of State in the Ministry of External Affairs

29 Jan. 2006 - 22 May 2009

Minister of State in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Oct. 2008 - 22 May 2009

Minister of Commerce and Industry

22 May 2009 - 26 May 2014

Re- elected to Rajya Sabha

July 2010

Minister of Textiles (Additional Charge)

12 July 2011 - 17 June 2013

Minister of Textiles (Additional Charge)

3 April 2014 - 26 May 2014

Member, Committee on Defence

Oct. 2014 - March 2016

Member, Select Committee on the Insurance Amendment Bill

Oct. 2014 - Dec. 2014

Member, Joint Committee on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy

2008 Jan.2016 - March 2016
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