View Profiles of all MLAs (Members of Legislative assembly ) of Arunachal Pradesh

Tirong Aboh12th PassMore than 23 Lac(s)
WANGLAM SAWINMore than 23 Lac(s)
Laisam SimaiB.AMore than 34 Lac(s)
Mohesh ChaiPost GraduateMore than 47 Lac(s)
Dikto Yekar10th PassMore than 69 Lac(s)
Alo LibangB.AMore than 75 Lac(s)
Punji MaraLiterateMore than 77 Lac(s)
Pasang Dorjee Sona B.E, LLBMore than 98 Lac(s)
Tamiyo TagaB.A, B.EMore than 1 Crore(s)
Tumke BagraB.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
Honchun NgandamB.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
Bamang Felix12th PassMore than 1 Crore(s)
Kaling Moyong12th PassMore than 1 Crore(s)
Kamlung MosangLLBMore than 1 Crore(s)
Tesam PongteB.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
Wangki LowangB.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
Tatung JamohGraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Pani TaramB.ScMore than 2 Crore(s)
Thangwang WanghamB.AMore than 2 Crore(s)
Paknga BageGraduateMore than 2 Crore(s)
Kento RinaB.AMore than 2 Crore(s)
Tamar MurtemB.AMore than 2 Crore(s)
Er.Markio TadoGraduateMore than 2 Crore(s)
Tapuk Taku12th PassMore than 2 Crore(s)
Chow Tewa Mein,B.AMore than 2 Crore(s)
Tanga Byaling10th PassMore than 2 Crore(s)
Rajesh Tacho10th PassMore than 2 Crore(s)
Kumsi SidisowMore than 3 Crore(s)
Jarbom GamlinBA, LLBMore than 3 Crore(s)
Phosum Khimhum,12th PassMore than 3 Crore(s)
Japu DeruB.ScMore than 4 Crore(s)
Jarkar Gamlin10th PassMore than 4 Crore(s)
Newlai TingkhatraGraduateMore than 4 Crore(s)
Mama Natung12th PassMore than 4 Crore(s)
Kalikho PulGraduateMore than 4 Crore(s)
Techi KasoIlliterateMore than 4 Crore(s)
Phurpa Tsering12th PassMore than 5 Crore(s)
Tapang Taloh,B.AMore than 5 Crore(s)
Wanglin LowangdongB.AMore than 5 Crore(s)
Mutchu MithiGraduateMore than 6 Crore(s)
Gum TayengLLBMore than 6 Crore(s)
Tage TakiB.techMore than 7 Crore(s)
Olom Panyang10th PassMore than 8 Crore(s)
Likha Saaya12th PassMore than 9 Crore(s)
Jambey Tashi,GraduateMore than 10 Crore(s)
Zingnu NamchoomB.AMore than 11 Crore(s)
Jomde Kena8th PassMore than 11 Crore(s)
Nikh KaminB.AMore than 13 Crore(s)
Karya Bagang8th PassMore than 14 Crore(s)
Lombo TayengB.AMore than 17 Crore(s)
Kumar Waii10th PassMore than 19 Crore(s)
Gojen GadiLiterateMore than 89 Crore(s)
Tsering TashiBBAMore than 96 Crore(s)
Pema KhanduB.AMore than 129 Crore(s)
Takam Pario10th PassMore than 187 Crore(s)
Nabam TukiB.AMore than 11 Crore(s)
Tenzing Norbu ThongdokGraduateMore than 5 Crore(s)
NABAM REBIALLBMore than 26 Crore(s)

Loksabha Members from Arunachal Pradesh

Rajyasabha members from Arunachal Pradesh

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