View Profiles of all MLAs (Members of Legislative assembly ) of Meghalaya

Name Constituency Profession Education Assets
Clifford Marak 10th Pass More than 42 Lac(s)
Salseng C Marak B.A. More than 45 Lac(s)
Brigady Marak 12th Pass More than 46 Lac(s)
Titosstarwell Chyne B.A. More than 46 Lac(s)
Ronnie V.Lyngdoh 12th Pass More than 48 Lac(s)
Noverfield R.Marak , B.A. More than 58 Lac(s)
Jemino Mawthoh PH.D More than 62 Lac(s)
Winnerson D.Sangma , B.Ed More than 63 Lac(s)
Witting Mawsor M.A. More than 72 Lac(s)
Stephanson Mukhim Graduate More than 73 Lac(s)
Marthon Sangma B.Sc More than 76 Lac(s)
Martin.M.Danggo B.A. More than 79 Lac(s)
Abu Taher Mondal Graduate More than 82 Lac(s)
Kennedy Cornelius Khyriem 12th Pass More than 89 Lac(s)
Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit B.A More than 89 Lac(s)
Nihim D.Shira B.A. More than 99 Lac(s)
Justine Dkhar B.A More than 1 Crore(s)
Pynshngainlang Syiem Graduate More than 1 Crore(s)
Cherak W.Momin 12th Pass More than 1 Crore(s)
Hopeful Bamon B.Sc and B.Ed More than 1 Crore(s)
Donkupar Roy Ph.D. More than 2 Crore(s)
Sniawbhalang Dhar 12th Pass More than 2 Crore(s)
Rophul S.Marak B.A More than 3 Crore(s)
Alexander Laloo Hek , 12th Pass More than 3 Crore(s)
Prestone Tynsong B.Com More than 96 Lac(s)
David A.Nongrum 12th Pass More than 4 Crore(s)
Zenith M Sangma B..A More than 4 Crore(s)
Ashahel D Shira 10th Pass More than 5 Crore(s)
Sanbor Shullai 12th Pass More than 5 Crore(s)
James Pangsang Kongkal Sangma B.A. More than 6 Crore(s)
H.Donkupar R.Lyngdoh B.A. More than 7 Crore(s)
Deborah C.Marak 12th Pass More than 8 Crore(s)
Brolding Nongsiej 10th Pass More than 8 Crore(s)
Lamboklang Mylliem 10th Pass More than 13 Crore(s)
Dikkanchi D.Shira B.A More than 14 Crore(s)
Dr.Mukul Sangma MBBS More than 14 Crore(s)
Roshan Warjri B.A. More than 19 Crore(s)
Comingone Ymbon 8th Pass More than 25 Crore(s)
Metbah Lyngdoh 10th Pass More than 37 Crore(s)
Ngaitlang Dhar 8th Pass More than 235 Crore(s)

Loksabha Members from Meghalaya

Rajyasabha members from Meghalaya

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