View Profiles of all MLAs (Members of Legislative assembly ) of Puducherry

Name Constituency Profession Education Assets
V.Narayanasamy B.A. More than 3 Crore(s)
MALLADI KRISHNA RAO 10th Pass More than 2 Crore(s)
A.NAMASSIVAYAM Others More than 26 Crore(s)
KAMALAKANNAN. R 12th Pass More than 2 Crore(s)
KOPIGA.B 8th Pass More than 24 Lac(s)
ASHOK ANAND 12th Pass More than 124 Crore(s)
K.LAKSHMINARAYANAN More than 2 Crore(s)
MNR.BALAN B.Sc More than 23 Crore(s)
THEEPPAINTHAN.E Post Graduate More than 1 Crore(s)
R.SIVA 10th Pass More than 15 Crore(s)
A.ANBALAGAN 10th Pass More than 8 Crore(s)
VIZEAVENY.V 10th Pass More than 25 Lac(s)
A.GEETHA MA (Tamil) More than 27 Crore(s)
A.JOHNKUMAR Illiterate More than 37 Crore(s)
CHANDIRAPRIYANGA 10th Pass More than 2 Crore(s)
V.MANIKANDAN B.B.A. More than 2 Crore(s)
A.BASKAR 5th Pass More than 10 Crore(s)
T.P.R.SELVAM 9th std pass More than 31 Lac(s)
S.V.SUGUMARAN 10th Pass More than 12 Crore(s)
R.K.R.ANANTHARAMAN B.Tech More than 2 Crore(s)
Dr.V.RAMACHANDRAN Ph.D More than 1 Crore(s)
V.P.SIVAKOLUNDHU 8th Pass More than 29 Crore(s)
K.A.U.ASSANA B.A More than 62 Lac(s)
P.R.N.THIRUMURUGAN B.A. More than 13 Crore(s)
VE. VAITHILINGAM B.Com More than 8 Crore(s)
M.O.H.F. SHAHJAHAN M.B.A More than 1 Crore(s)
N.S.J.Jayabal Alias Ayyanar 12th Pass More than 5 Crore(s)
N.RANGASAMY , Graduate More than 29 Crore(s)
KANDASAMY.M 10th Pass More than 5 Crore(s)
DANAVELU.N B.SC More than 30 Lac(s)
T.DJEAMOURTHY 5th Pass More than 3 Crore(s)

Loksabha Members from Puducherry

Rajyasabha members from Puducherry

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