View Profiles of all MLAs (Members of Legislative assembly ) of Himachal Pradesh

Sanjay RattanLLBMore than 49 Lac(s)
Suresh BhardwajB.ScMore than 55 Lac(s)
Baldev SinghB.AMore than 56 Lac(s)
Mohan LalB.A.L.L.BMore than 59 Lac(s)
Khub RamB.AMore than 60 Lac(s)
Randhir SharmaM.AMore than 68 Lac(s)
Inder SinghM.TechMore than 69 Lac(s)
Vijay KumarPost GraduateMore than 70 Lac(s)
Virender KanwarB.A, L.L.BMore than 76 Lac(s)
Kishori Lal10th PassMore than 98 Lac(s)
Ravinder SinghGraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Bumber ThakurB.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
PrakashM.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
Ishwar Dass DhimanM.A.More than 1 Crore(s)
Rikhi Ram10th PassMore than 1 Crore(s)
Bal Krishan ChauhanPost GraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Jai Ram ThakurGraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Mahender Singh12th PassMore than 1 Crore(s)
Krishan Lal ThakurB.TechMore than 1 Crore(s)
Kuldeep SinghGraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Mukesh AgnihotriPost GraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Govind SinghGraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Jagat SinghL.L.BMore than 1 Crore(s)
Prem Kumar DhumalM.A.More than 2 Crore(s)
SarveenM.AMore than 2 Crore(s)
Satpal SattiPost GraduateMore than 2 Crore(s)
Asha KumariGraduateMore than 2 Crore(s)
Ajay MahajanB.AMore than 2 Crore(s)
Pawan Kumar Kajal10th PassMore than 2 Crore(s)
Thakur Singh BharmourieB.AMore than 3 Crore(s)
Kirnesh Jung10th PassMore than 5 Crore(s)
Maheshwar Singh12th PassMore than 5 Crore(s)
Rajiv BindalGraduateMore than 6 Crore(s)
Anirudh SinghB.AMore than 7 Crore(s)
Rakesh KaliaB.AMore than 7 Crore(s)
Ravi ThakurMore than 16 Crore(s)
Rajinder SinghB.AMore than 22 Crore(s)
Ram KumarM.AMore than 36 Crore(s)
Balbir Singh Verma12th PassMore than 41 Crore(s)
Brij Behari Lal ButailL.L.BMore than 169 Crore(s)
Mansa RamB.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
Inder Dutt LakhanpalGraduateMore than 38 Lac(s)
Sohan Lal ThakurPost GraduateMore than 7 Crore(s)
Rohit ThakurB.AMore than 4 Crore(s)
Nand LalM.AMore than 94 Lac(s)
JAGJIWAN PAULGraduateMore than 26 Lac(s)
Vinay Kumar10th PassMore than 1 Crore(s)
Rajesh DharmaniPost GraduateMore than 80 Lac(s)
Neeraj BhartiB.EMore than 1 Crore(s)
Karan SinghBAMore than 13 Crore(s)
Anil Kumar12th PassMore than 29 Crore(s)
Dhani Ram ShandilM.A, M.Phil, PH.DMore than 2 Crore(s)
PRAKASH ChaudharyM.AMore than 1 Crore(s)
SUDHIR SHARMAB.AMore than 2 Crore(s)
Mukesh AgnihotriPost GraduateMore than 1 Crore(s)
Thakur Singh BharmouriB.AMore than 3 Crore(s)
Sujan Singh PathaniaB.AMore than 6 Crore(s)
G.S.BaliGraduateMore than 24 Crore(s)
Kaul Singh ThakurL.L.B.More than 3 Crore(s)
VIDYAGraduateMore than 8 Crore(s)
Virbhadra SinghPost GraduateMore than 34 Crore(s)

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